Delivery Of Humanitarian Aid At The Syrian Border Zero Point

Roma Büyükelçiliği 20.08.2012

Having regard to the difficulties in extending humanitarian assistance to the northern parts of Syria due to the rising violence in these regions, Turkey, in accordance with the international law, has started delivering humanitarian aid at the Syrian border zero point under the coordination of AFAD. The Government has notified the United Nations, and the Turkish Red Crescent has informed its interlocutors in respect of the operation.

The locally provided assistance is accepted at four Relief Reception Centers established by the Turkish Red Crescent in Kilis (Oncupinar), in Gaziantep (Karkamis) and in Hatay (Cilvegozu and Yayladagi).

International assistance will be received at the Center established at Gaziantep Airport.

For detailed information please consult the information sheet attached to the announcement.

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Delivery of humanitarian aid at the Syrian border zero point

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