Speech delivered by Ambassador Akil in the event of "Reception of the Title of "Nowruz Commission Ambassador"

Hakkı AKİL 07.03.2012

Distinguished guests,
Dear friends,

It is a source of joy and pleasure for me to host you here tonight.

I welcome you all.

A special welcome goes to our friends in the Nowruz Commission, coming from the USA.

It is their initiative that made this gathering possible: Mr. Naser Kazeminy, the Chairman of the Commission and his dear wife Ms. Yvonne Kazeminy, the honourable Mr. Bijan Kian, the Vice Chairman, Mrs. Gissou Kian, the President, Ms. Anousheh Ansari and Ms. Beeta Christine Rafiekian. Thank you for being here.

Nevruz is our common, intangible and sacred cultural heritage. I spell it as “Nevruz”, like we do in Turkey.

Celebrated in numerous countries, it has many reflections in people’s tongues: Norouz, norooz, nawruz, nowroz, navroj, novruz...

The list can go on forever.

However, no matter how spellings may vary, there is one common meaning: New Day.

In each and every March, tens of nations, millions of people rise to the same awakening that the Nevruz sun shine on us.

There are numerous magnificent myths, stories or beliefs on Nevruz.

Likewise, various traditions and rituals exist in our countries to celebrate it.

We all have our ways.

Some of us prepare the haft-sin table.

Some of us jump over the fire. (Sorry, I couldn’t light a fire here!)

Some of us boil samanu.

And some of us try to cook Nevruziye, like we do in Turkey. I say, try, because nobody knows the exact receipt of this Ottoman tradition based on the Seven S’s of “Haft-Sin”.

No matter ways to the celebrate may differ, it is a joint and common symbol of the revival of the nature.

The Spring, the new day, brings people the best of everything. With a fresh and new start.

I want to underline an essential point. For three thousand years, Nevruz is being celebrated for peace, fraternity and abundance.

According to my point of view, since we are here together tonight to celebrate Nevruz with a view to wish peace, fraternity and abundance to our peoples on a vast geography, this is the spirit of Nevruz.

Once again I want to thank the Nowruz Commission for undertaking the promotion of Nevruz by bringing the people from different cultures together.

Dear friends,

Today, I assume the honorary title of Nowruz Commission’s Ambassador to Italy.

It is an honorary title but I know that it brings huge responsibility. I promise to do whatever necessary to promote interaction of our cultures bind by the sacred Nevruz link.

Before concluding my speech, please do accept my apologies for not being able to offer you "nevruziye" tonight, but I am sure you will love our chef’s masterpieces.

Once again, thank you very much.


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